I help coaches build and develop their presence on the Internet.

As a coach myself, I know full well the challenges of a startup, especially for coaches and self-care professionals.  It takes time to build a stable stream of clients and web development costs can quickly pass $1000, which is daunting for coaches still building their business. First impressions are important, and having a poorly designed website can be worse than no website at all.

My focus is on starter sites.  These are clean, affordable, and professional looking that get right to the point of your profession.  They rely on modifying existing templates vs building custom templates from scratch.

As your business grows, so can your website. Let’s get you off to a good start!

What I Offer

  • Coaching/mentoring for every step of the setup, design and implementation process.
  • Technical assistance (initial setup, handling specific steps, ongoing maintenance and security, training you to manage things yourself, etc.)
  • Content management (if you want to be hands-off, I can manage the content that you provide me)
  • Assistance in content development
  • Social media setup and integration
  • Mailing list setup and integration
  • Form design and integration
  • WordPress hosting:  If I get enough people interested I can create a shared hosting plan on SiteGround which I can then manage, either by simply proving the hosting service (only cost effective if I get enough clients), or by offering managed WordPress hosting.

Just Need Coaching?

Visit my coaching page at CoachedByJohn.com.